BDC family celebrates 6TH year anniversary at Hundru Falls, Ranchi

This year BDC family celebrated their 6th anniversary by travelling all the way to Hundru Falls. Hundru Falls is the 34th highest waterfall in India, situated in Ranchi district. The total number of odd 750 steps we travelled together singing songs, relishing local made Jhal muri (spicy puffed rice) with fresh lemonade, clicking pictures and enjoying beautiful scenic beauty.

At only one and hrs from Bhushan Dental Clinic one can enjoy this natural beauty. Best time to visit is in the month of monsoon. If travelling with kids extra caution is highly appreciated and keep them hydrated to avoid dehydration.

The last part of our celebration ended at Hotel Raso, very near to Bhushan Dental Clinic for a sumptuous family dinner and congratulatory gifts for successfully completing 6 years of dedicated oral care.

Sometimes to create smiles we need to appreciate the ones who painstakingly help us in easily creating them. A big thanks to our BDC staff for their hard work, patience, and commitment.

And now we all look forward to happening 7th year anniversary.


What is Invisalign or clear braces?

If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment but metal/ceramic braces turn you off, then Invisalign (nearly invisible braces) might be the next best thing. Still interested? Let’s know more -

Invisalign are frequently used to correct crowding, misaligned and crooked teeth. It appears like teeth-whitening tray and need to be worn for 18-22 hours daily. It straightens your teeth as normal braces do except its almost invisible. The procedure involves a series of removable aligners that you wear in sequence. Our orthodontist will require the following to create a customized treatment plan -
• Patient Extraoral & Intraoral Photographs
• Complete examination of your teeth
• Supporting X rays

If you’re a good fit for the treatment, our orthodontist will create a model to figure out where your teeth ought to move to. Depending on your case, you may need from 6 to 48 aligners for your treatment to be effective. This number varies from person to person. Each of the aligners will move your teeth up to 0.33 mm before you change to the next aligner.You would be expected to change aligners every week or in two weeks. For optimal results, you need to fully commit to the customized plan and wear your aligners the way your orthodontist suggests (minimum 22 hours each day). The good news is that you can remove them for short periods like during eating or drinking & definitely while brushing.

How long is the treatment?

Length of the treatment depends on complexity. Simple cases can be treated within six months whereascomplicated cases will take more than two years.Invisalign will show remarkable difference within few weeks of usage.Users might feel mild tenderness on wearing for the first time, this is entirely normal. It will feelunnatural, but one should remain committed to wearing trays for the required amount of time. After only few days the soreness will subside, and one will get used to wearing aligners.

Thinking about Invisalign assessment? - Request an appointment at Bhushan Dental Clinic at (0651) 356-8501, 8007730263 for an appointment with Dr. Prem Bhushan.


My father is not happy with his denture, Is there some other fixed option?

Dentures or colloquially known as ‘Battissi’(Hindi) is still considered as the one of the most economical ways of replacing missing teeth butunfortunately,they have loads of disadvantages like shifting/ falling in the patient’s mouth, ulcers, uncomfortable in eating and talkingetc. With so many disadvantages, it is not much of a surprise that dental implants are quickly becoming the go-to option when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Implants come with many advantages like:
• Prevents jawbone tissue loss since it mimics the behavior of natural teeth &their roots
• Implant care is no different from cleaning natural teeth
• If you maintain a good oral hygiene, they can last an entire lifetime
• Prevents natural teeth from shifting
• Implants feel natural in the patient’s mouth
Implant-supported dentures are an amalgamation of dentures & dental implants.

The treatment starts with an Implantologist surgically attaching four to six implants (titanium screws) into the patient’s jawbone. The screws are then given time to integrate with the patient’s approximately three to six months. This procedure is known as osseointegration. Sometimes bone grafting is done when the patient does not have adequate bone. Once implants are firmly joined a unique set of dentures is attached to them.

These Implant-supported dentures have multiple advantages over traditional dentures unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for dentures supported by implants. Your dentist will verify if the patient can undergo this procedure. Are you wondering if you qualify for these fantastic dental prosthetics-

Request an appointment at Bhushan Dental Clinic at (0651) 356-8501, 8007730263 for an appointment with Dr. Prem Bhushan, Prosthodontist & Oral Implantologist, Fellow ICOI member.


I need to improve my smile, but I am not ready for braces…

There are situations in life when we desire to have a perfect smile, but due to limited time traditional orthodontics is out of question. But don’t lose hope &
Let BDC help you…

1. Composite – One of the most affordable and commonly used treatment procedures. Aesthetic restorations are widely done in various cases such as correction of minor gaps between the teeth, reshaping of teeth, discoloration present on teeth, etc. A non-invasive procedure so it is done without anesthesia & surgery. The treatment usually takes one visit to make remarkable changes.

2. Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are famous for Hollywood Smiles, all thanks to celebrities who require a quick fix. They are thin porcelain jackets that are placed over your natural teeth permanently. They are used to remove gaps between teeth, cover stains or discolorations, or sometimes to reshape the natural teeth to make them more symmetrical & pleasing to the eyes.

3. Cosmetic Gingival Contouring – Sometimes a little gum shaping can do wonders for those who have gums covering teeth more than normal. Gingiva contouring makes teeth appear longer. Even though it’s a surgical process that requires local anesthesia, the healing is very quick, and soreness subsides in a few days. A fast& dramatic way to make your smile more esthetic.

In a nutshell there are plenty of options for smile makeover but before you decide to consult a dentist and always balance it with the degree of corrections you seek & the cost. Don’t be disheartened if your dentist recommends you orthodontic correction as your only option. But you won’t know until you ask for other options.

- For more details request an appointment with Dr. Prem Bhushan at (0651) 356-8501, 8007730263

Myths & Facts About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Hello Readers,

Wisdom tooth or “akkal daant” (colloquially), or scientifically called third molar is infamously known to trouble us post puberty (18 – 24 yrs.) when it starts erupting. Wisdom tooth is a known vestigial organ which means that it has lost its significance and plays no special importance somewhat like our appendix.

At BDC Ranchi, we recommend preserving wisdom tooth only if it acts like a good resident meaning its in occlusion & helps in chewing food, is not decayed, and doesn’t cause injury or trauma to your soft tissues. If you have been recommended removal of wisdom tooth don’t panic and read on…

1. You must get your Wisdom Teeth Removed.

Compulsorily removal of wisdom teeth is a false narrative. We don’t recommend unnecessary removal of wisdom teeth.

    Removal of wisdom teeth is advised in cases like: -
  • An improperly positioned third molar leading to jaw discomfort
  • Gum pain/ swelling
  • Harming the adjoining teeth
  • Decay
  • Cyst/tumor
  • Injuring soft tissues like tongue, mucosa etc.

Let your dentist check your teeth and they will guide you with the best treatment. However, if the third molars are functional & help you in chewing your food then extraction should be avoided.

To avoid unwanted removal of wisdom teeth, see a professional dentist.

2. Every adult has 4 wisdom teeth.

This is False.

Modifications in our diet like a major shift from uncooked to cooked food has shown remarkable changes in human dentition as well. Research now suggests that around 40% of the current population don’t have wisdom teeth. Even though we expect everyone to have 4 wisdom teeth, these are not seen nowadays. It’s has also been noted that wisdom teeth which aren’t erupted can cause problems like cyst formation, resorption of adjacent teeth etc.

Treatment with a dentist or surgical management will be required in this situation.

3. Wisdom Teeth are a sign of advancement.

That is not correct. Wisdom teeth have the same role as regular teeth. They were used for crushing, chewing, or eating raw meals that were tough to consume. As time passed, humans began to cook food to make it simpler to chew. Wisdom teeth, according to today's specialists and scientists, serve no purpose within our modern diet. We have different modes for softening hard food items and digesting them.

Third molars are no longer mandatory

4. You Can't See Wisdom Teeth.

Yes, sometimes you may not be able to see it in the oral cavity. Your dentist might request to get an X-ray done to locate its presence & position. They may advise you to have the infected wisdom teeth removed to avoid gum infection and discomfort.

If you feel you have a problem with your wisdom teeth, contact your ideal dentist.

5. Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Be Harmful.

Harmful?? No… in fact keeping an infected tooth can cause more harm. Wisdom tooth extraction in Ranchi is slightly different than other routine tooth extraction due to its shape, size, position, and proximity to important structures like nerve, sinus etc. At times based on the complication patient might be required take certain medications & follow instructions prior to the surgery. Before deciding on the surgery, the surgeon will review the situation of your teeth, as well as your complete dental health and physical health. To avoid problems or adverse effects, one must comply with the surgeon instructions.

Kindly provide all your previous medical reports to your dentist prior to any dental procedure.

We hope that certain doubts & myths were cleared in respect to extraction of wisdom tooth. But whether your tooth needs to be taken out or it can be saved is a discussion best done with your dentist at his consultation chamber.

So if you are worried about your wisdom tooth, or your wisdom tooth is a cause of worry.Consult Bhushan Dental Clinic right away.

- For more details request an appointment with Dr. Prem Bhushan at (0651) 356-8501, 8007730263