Dental Fillings


Dental Fillings

imageDental fillings are a type of treatment used to replace missing tooth structure that may have been caused by trauma or decay. A decayed tooth becomes hollow. Dental fillings aid in closing this gap and guard against additional deterioration. A filling is also used to restore teeth that have been fractured or cracked as well as teeth that have worn down due to dental habits like nail biting and teeth grinding.

When is it necessary?

  • Food becoming trapped in the gaps between teeth
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Cavity-like brown or black spots on teeth
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Little spaces between the front teeth
  • Food sensitivity to heat and cold

What advantages are there?

  • They closely resemble the colour and appearance of genuine teeth.
  • White fillings are strongly bonded to the tooth structure, making it difficult to remove them.
  • Utilizing curing light, they totally solidify in the mouth so that the patient can resume regular eating and drinking after the procedure.
  • They offer sufficient strength and are applied to both front and back teeth. Since these are direct fillings, the procedure only requires one appointment.